To create a welcoming, judgement free, fitness hub. 


A place where you are never made to feel uncomfortable

or out of your depth,


No matter what level of fitness you are,

what age you are or what you look like, 


We work back to back, side by side,

as a community of strong women.


There are no ego’s here.



To treat you as an individual, not as a number.


To show you your full potential, with training sessions

engineered specifically for you.


To be with you every step of the way.


To inspire the confidence in yourself that you deserve


We are building a community of strong women,


We would love to have you on board.



I've only recently started training with Sinead and I just can't believe how in a few sessions my view on exercising has changed dramatically, for the better.

Sinead is such a passionate, driven and supportive person. She is incredible knowledgeable in so many aspects of her craft and will always get the best out of you every session.


Even if you aren't feeling 100 % - she can turn that around. I am loving this new journey and I can't thank Sinead enough for her encouragement, constant support and never letting me give up on myself.