Food Haul Ideas
Access to our private YouTube channel
Yummy, high protein snack ideas
Daily LIVEs to keep you motivated
Info graphics
Grab and go, high protein snack ideas
YouTube workouts
Info graphics
RESULTS! Be surrounded by women who are on the same journey as you


The day before the challenge begins...

You will receive an invite into the members only group. Once inside there will be a video welcoming you into the group and showing you around. There are many 'Topics' within the group and you will need to

watch/read all of them during the course of the challenge.

This is a programme intended to educate on how to live a happier, fitter life.

I will be here the whole way to help guide you along. 

Some of the 'Topics'

'The Calorie Calculator'

You will be given access to my calories calculator with the information you need to use it efficiently. 

Remember, the move you move, the more you can eat.

So we shall be using this calculator often to re assess your needs as your daily activity increases.

'Client Step Count Files'

Each member of the group will have their own file to upload their step counts to.

This is also where we will track your activity points, (if you chose to participate in the challenges).

'Daily LIVES'

From myself (and sometimes my crazy kids), from other members of the team, from you even!

Working together to keep each other motivated! 


Rather than just have information written in black and white, 

I have complied a range of helpful info graphics for you to browse. Everything from hydration to snack ideas.

'My Private YouTube link'

Home workouts that are designed to burn 100s of calories, with minimal equipment, from your own home.