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Your hard work pays off; here are some examples of real women

who train with us, and their experiences along their journeys.

Click on the photos to see their stats.




I have been going to Sinead for over 2 years now, both and Sam have changed my lifestyle for the better.

I used to weigh just over 14 stone, and today I weighted in at 9 stone 8 pounds.

I have been having 2 PT sessions a week for 12 weeks with Sam, she has worked me super hard but I have loved every minute.


Sam really looks after you. Your goals become her goals, the happiness in her face for me getting to target was so sweet. 


I just wanted to say thank you to Sam and Sinead for all your help.  Highly recommend to anyone searching for a healthier version of themselves.

  • Dropped 60 lbs

  • Dropped 18% body fat

  • Massive increase in muscle mass

  • Dropped 34.5 inches



After trying so many ridiculous diets and products that didn't work, I was ready to give up on losing weight and getting fit. Then Sinead O'Meara Fitness popped up and I thought I would have one last try (not that I had much hope).


Initially I thought I wasn't going to be able to do any type of sessions (being a teacher and a single Mum of two) but after a free consultation with Sam, we were able to work together to sort times that would work for both of us.


I now have one to one PT with Sam and I actually enjoy working out! She makes sure each session is varied and fun. I have made awesome progress already and my relationship with food has changed so much. Words cannot describe how much Sam has changed my life! It's also hard to put into words how much she motivates and supports me through everything. 

I still have a long way to go on my fitness and weight loss journey but Sam has made me realise that I can do it and will do it! When they say they are "inspiring confidence in women"- they have certainly done that with this woman!

  • Dropped 28 lbs

  • Dropped 23.5 inches

  • 13.5% body fat gone

  • 9.8 kg of lean muscle GAINED




I started going to Sinead’s Bootcamp a little while after having my second baby, I was unfit, overweight, a size 16 and thought there was little chance of me ever fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again. The class was great because I felt like I had a work-out but I could also take things at my own pace. I started going twice a week and began to loose weight and get fitter. 

I then signed up to one of the “eight week challenges " the first one I lost 17.5 lb and 16 inches, I did 3 in total and with a little bit of work in between I lost almost 3 stone in about a year. 


Sinead is very supportive, knowledge and enthusiastic about what she does. She is not about being on restrictive diets, or being super fit, but supporting people to make changes to their lifestyle and to enjoy exercise. I am so glad I found Sinead I am now a size 10/12 fit easily it to my pre children clothes and am running and learning to ride a bike for the first time, I would never had the confidence or fitness to do this a year ago.

  • Dropped 34 lbs

  • 36.5 inches

  • Dropped 17% body fat

  • Massive drop in visceral fat

  • 29 years off her metabolic age




After signing up to Sinead's 8 week challenge I'll admit I was nervous, having never committed to something fitness/diet related.


I had absolutely nothing to worry about as Sinead made me feel at ease from the start, giving me the guidance and advice that I needed to see me along the way.


Her classes are brilliant and full of energy. Not only have I gained a PT but a friend also! Highly recommend!

  • Dropped 36 lbs

  • 29 inches

  • Dropped 10% body fat

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