"Life without passion isn't really a life at all. For too many years I went to work for a pay check. Spending 40+ hrs a week in a job you don't truly love can be soul destroying. Now, I can honestly say that I have found where I am supposed to be."

                                                                                                         - Sinead O'Meara




Coaching is something I am SO passionate about. When I tell people what I do, my whole body covers in goose bumps. Women contact me when they are feeling low about themselves. Their confidence is none existent. Their self-perception is warped, they truly cannot see light at the end of the tunnel.

For years they have followed inaccurate advice, fad diet here, epic binge there... Ultimately leading to them losing all faith in themselves and their ability.
Seeing those women flourish, seeing them awaken inside, showing them how much they ARE capable... It makes my heart happy.


See that is my job, it is not just fat loss, it’s confidence building, it’s life coaching, it’s building friendships, it’s showing someone their WORTH. Something they have always had, but not realised in a while.

I can never imagine doing anything else. Because selfishly, you ladies have showed me my own abilities and my own worth, and I intend on sticking around and repaying that right back, forever.


Top Tip!

Find activities that you really LOVE. It sounds so obvious, but if you don’t love doing it then you are much less likely to keep doing it! CONSISTENCY is more important that PERFECTION. Do not fret if you don’t walk in and ace it straight away. Very few people are good at everything, I am certainly not! Find something you enjoy and do it CONSISTENTLY. That is what will see you progress.

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I became a personal trainer due to my passion for health and fitness. Seeing the incredible impact fitness had on my life and well being sparked a desire in me to help other women achieve the same. I offer 1-1 and small group training and run a few of our fitness classes. 


My amazing clients inspire me everyday to be the best coach I can be. Seeing their incredible physical and mental transformations keeps me driven and motivated in and outside of the studio. 


Top Tip! 

Schedule your workouts into your diary in advance and treat them as you would any other appointment. As women we are often last on the list, but as the saying can’t pour from an empty glass!

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