If you are looking to train multiple times per week, or want to train with a friend or relative then this might be the way to go!


At The Studio we offer personal training in private groups of up to 4 women. These sessions are at specific times through the week and are bookable through the app. There are many positives to this type of training, firstly, flexibility. If you work irregular shifts like so many of the women on our team, training in this way can mean that you can attend more sessions at the times that you can make. If your shift changes then you can cancel off of the session and book onto another (24hrs notice is essential).


Secondly, cost. Your health should always be looked at as an investment, not an expense. However, we know how hard and expensive it can be running a family household, it was important to us to be able to offer something more personal and structured than classes, but more affordable than 1-1 personal training. Semi private PT offers just this. At approximately half the cost, this is a really positive option for so many people.