At The Studio we believe that personal training should be just that, personal. Each individual has different needs, different lifestyles, different abilities. Our aim is to really understand each client so that we can use that information and our knowledge to tailor your plan going forwards.


Using our body composition scales, measurements, and your personal information, we can make realistic, trackable goals that will help you in your transformation. You chose how often you want to be weighed and measured. You chose who (if anybody) sees your photos, this really is all about what works for you.


Strict gym style food plans are not given out here. Science shows time and time again that they just do not work. Not only that but they create a really negative impact on self-worth and self-ability. Instead we will work with you to modify the diet that you already have. We will help you get to grips with portion sizes, understand nutrition and educate you on how to fuel your body. Our goal is to show you how to live a healthier and happier life going forwards. Without needing to come back every 6 weeks for a ‘diet plan’.