We offer a wide range of both virtual and face to face classes.





If you enjoy weight training, then our smaller strength and conditioning classes are designed with you in mind! Each class is carefully planned so that every individual feels supported through the session. We will coach you using a variety of different training methods, using all of the science to get you to where you want to be. Our strength training sessions are some of my favourite to coach! Daily de-bunking the myth that lifting weights makes you manly or bulky!



One of our most popular sessions for a reason! A high intensity, seriously fun, fat burning class. It’s a mixture of boxing sequences, kicks, knees and elbows, thrown in with some relay style activities and some high tempo music. Sound a bit scary? I promise it isn’t. It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a pair of gloves in your life, you really can just turn up and join in. This class is guaranteed to release those happy endorphins AND have you burning 100s of calories.



We are the first facility in the bay to offer this exciting new class!

Penalty Box is a high intensity, full body workout, specifically designed to TORCH fat. The workouts are PROVEN to burn more calories during a short time in comparison to traditional low impact training. If you love being pushed, if you enjoy high energy sessions then this one is for you! Every session is different and specifically designed to get the biggest bang for your buck. – Promo videos coming soon! For now google Penalty Box to see what all the hype is about.




High intensity interval training, you have probably heard of it before, you may have even attended a class. It is another favourite on the timetable. Why? Because its fast, it’s fun, it burns fat so intensely that you will continue to burn at a faster rate for hours AFTER your session has finished. Yep, AFTER your session has finished. We use a different blend of cardio, body weight and free weight exercises each session, to keep you on your toes and never bored. The great thing about these classes is that we can adapt any exercise to the individual. We can decrease the intensity, switch it up for something else or make it even more intense!




We are not currently able to run face to face group sessions. So, we have adapted!

We are now LIVE streaming 4 classes per week using ZOOM. You just book onto the class using our app,

input the code into zoom and away we go!

You can become a sweaty mess in the comfort of your own home!

All joking aside, these have proven to be really popular, great fun and a fantastic way to burn 100s of calories.




Designed to get that heart rate up, burn fat and increase your stamina!

We are here to make keep you fit during ‘lockdown’. Every session is different which keeps it exciting.


We may do BODYWEIGHT CIRCUITS, TABATA, AMRAP, HIIT or anything in between! All classes can be adapted, so don’t panic about not being fit enough!

Just download the app and grab your first session free!




Missing using free weights? Desperate to keep weight training? We feel you! These sessions are designed to keep you going until we can get back into The Studio. No weights? No worries! Grab a backpack and add books, grab some water bottles or some cans of food. Whatever you have laying around we will adapt!

One session is upper body strength and cardio, one is lower body and cardio. So make sure you get to both and get that summer body ready to come out of lockdown!