Mental health is just as important and your physical wellbeing, and so we have introduced a weekly blog covering a huge variety of topics, discussing ways to keep your mental health a high priority.

Each week, we will be looking at ways to enhance your mental health and look at different ways to motivate yourself, covering topics from to help you both on your fitness journey and every day living.

We'd love to hear your thoughts, so please share your comments each week on the post, and realise that it's ok to talk and ask for help.



Kat is a Therapeutic Counsellor and a trained psychotherapist who has a wealth of knowledge in Psychology and advice and guidance. She covers a variety of topics to ensure that whilst you're looking to keep your body healthy, you're also keeping your mind healthy too.

When I first met Kat, I knew that she was the one to help me on this journey. She is kind, empathetic and knowledgable. Truly a beautiful person, inside and out.